Released: 04/09/19

Dependencies: MtoA, Arnold, VRay 4.12, Renderman 22.5, 3Delight 12.0.113, Redshift 2.6.43, Clarisse 4.0 SP2b

  • fixed Groom brush drawing so it displays correctly in Maya 2019.
  • fixed a bug where guides that have been converted may crash when rendering upon expansion.
  • attribute nodes correctly map attributes on “true” instance objects (ginstance, ObjectInstance, etc.).
  • fixed issues reading PNG and JPG textures on Windows.
  • Flush Texture Cache will now correctly invalidate previously read image files.


Released: 28/08/19

Dependencies: MtoA, Arnold, VRay 4.12, Renderman 22.5, 3Delight 12.0.113, Redshift 2.6.43, Clarisse 4.0 SP2b

  • fixed a bug in Deformation Layers that would cause a hard crash.
  • corrected new Guide Model application in Deformation Layers.
  • fixed a bug that would crash Yeti when importing an Alembic file.
  • Alembic export will now default to the nodes Display vs. Render density, length and width.
  • fixed a rounding issue when defining time samples for Alembic that would result in a cyclic sample error reported by the API.
  • fixed a case where importing pre 3.5.x cache files via the Reference node would cause a crash.
  • ensured guide attraction values from pre 3.5.x cache files are migrated correctly when referenced.
  • alignment variation is now applied correctly to Instances.


Released: 17/08/19

Dependencies: MtoA, Arnold, VRay 4.12, Renderman 22.5, 3Delight 12.0.113, Redshift 2.6.43, Clarisse 4.0 SP2b

  • Updated to MtoA 3.3.0 and Arnold 5.4.0.
  • Implemented Automatic Parting on Groom nodes, this uses an angle threshold to automatically modulate strand weights to make creating hair parts more easily.
  • Part Randomness parameter will now modulate the painted part_randomness attribute on Grooms.
  • integrated a new Volumetric guide model, all guides will default to this with the option to toggle between Volumetric (defalut) and Shape Matching (original) on each input guide curve.
  • re-implemented Twist into new Volumetric guide model.
  • added Random Twist as a new guide curve parameter.
  • replaced Base and Tip Attraction with an Attraction Profile using a curve to define the shape along the length of the input Guide.
  • added Max Clump Influences to the Guide node, by default it is 1 (as previous releases) but this allows users to increase the number of guides used for clumping (Attraction).
  • added a new File node to read external geometry (Curves and Meshes) into the graph via Alembic files.
  • added Alembic Exporter to pgYetiCommand using the -writeAlembic argument, this will write an evaluated Yeti node into an Alembic file across a frame range including multiple time samples.
  • A nodes Render density, width and length will be used by default when exporting an Alembic cache but can be overridden with the -alembicDensity, -alembicWidth and -alembicLength command line parameters.
  • Added a new Switch utility node.
  • Integrated OpenImageIO for better resource usage and more flexible image format support.
  • Added ‘Obey Density’ option for relaxation during scatter.
  • added the option to select either Parametric (3.1.x and below style) or Projection (new, and default) based texture coordinates for feathers.
  • Added Disable Surface Collision to brush options.
  • Strand end point positions can now be locked by holding the C key while sculpting.
  • A point is now drawn at the base of all Groom strands, even if zero length, to ensure better strand visualization.
  • Added node deletion command to pgYetiGraph command.
  • pgYetiPreRender will be removed from the render globals when the last Yeti node has been removed from a scene.
  • added a Seed attribute to Braids.
  • added the option to bake input mesh texture coordinates to vertices (vs. per face per vertex) in the Attribute node accessible as a vtxcoord vector attribute.