• fixed a bug that was causing “ghost” parameters to be queried by the pgYetiGraph command when listing parameters.
  • fixed redshift extension to support UVs on mesh objects.


  • fixed an issue where the Import node wasn’t correctly identifiying Guides vs. Grooms when a wildcard was used.
  • resolved a bug where using the Move brush in a none rest state would cause the strands to “explode”.


  • reverted a change made in 2.2.7 which caused motion blur to be broken in Arnold.


  • ensured unique per dag node names used for Redshift extension.
  • Arnold DSO now creates nodes via new AiNode() methods to support 5.0’s hierarchical name lookup.
  • common shape parameters on created nodes aren’t explicitly set, leaving them to obey Arnolds inheritance.


  • fixed a bug where only the first texture was listed when using the pgYetiCommand -listTextures command.
  • solved a symbol visibility issue for pgYetiArnold on macOS which was causing it to not be found.


  • corrected memory evaluation for display cache which provides more accurate management.
  • reduced the offset used for the attribute display geometry.
  • fixed an issue with NaN’s being introduced via the Guide node being set to Paramaterization.
  • updated to PRMan 21.6 and Renderman for Maya 21.6 (with support for Maya 2018).


  • fixed VRay callbacks.
  • fixed an evaluation recursion issue with node callbacks and Parallel evaluation mode.
  • zooming with a scroll wheel has been fixed in the Graph Editor.
  • Graph Editor has been updated and will frame all nodes with A and frame selected nodes with F.
  • fixed a bug with the new parameterized sampling in the Guide node which was causing NaN’s.


  • fixed pgYetiIsVisibleInCurrentRenderLayer to check the complete hierarchy for Render Layer inclusion.
  • add better feedback when the Graph Editor was being created without a license available.
  • removed Surface Direction Limit and Surface Direction Falloff attributes from Guide curves as they were redundnat (and unused).
  • added a Sample By parameter to the Guide node which controls where along the guide curves the shape is sampled from. The default is Length which is the current implementation, Parameterization will sample along the parameter of the guides vs. at the lengths which tends to provide better shape preservation.
  • fixed internal data flow copying to ensure strand system data is inque on import, this was causing race conditions with Yeti’s new parallel evaluation mode.


  • updated HDF5 to 1.10.1 for better c++11 compatibility.
  • updated Arnold DSO to correctly propogate motion_start/end and shutter_start/end parameters.
  • enclosed VRay callbacks in catch statement to avoid errors when the callbacks are present but Yeti hasn’t been loaded.
  • fixed pgYetiNodesExists command to check the whole scene vs just selected nodes.
  • included missing PRMan DSO on Windows.
  • refactored internal iterators which weren’t thread safe, leading to intermittent crashes.


  • updated to V-Ray 3.60
  • updated to Renderman 21.5
  • updated to MtoA and Arnold
  • updated to Redshift 2.5.29
  • updated to Clarisse 3.5 sp1
  • fixed an issue with our Redshift extension that ensures motion blur samples are correctly aligned to the center of the shutter time vs. the two samples.
  • fixed an bug where setting and increasing lengths on strands would result in incorrect values.
  • fixed a threading issue with Import node which would cause feathers to either be “missing” or cause Maya to crash.
  • forcing sub scene consolidation of Yeti nodes for VP 2.0 to avoid feathers being prematurely culled.


  • support for Maya 2018.
  • graph evaluation has been refactored to improve performance, nodes are now executed in parallel providing much better scheduling and saturation of system resources.
  • updated to MtoA 2.0.1 and Arnold 5.0.1.
  • updated to Redshift 2.5.23 plus extension API changes.
  • updated to Clarisse 3.5.
  • initial (experimental) implementation of macOS Redshift extension.
  • full interactive updates in Arnold Render View now supported.
  • Arnold procedural exports texture coordinates as a “uv” parameter vs. uparamcoord/vparamcoord conforming to Arnold 5.0 standard.
  • renamed Pref and Nref internal attributes to avoid conflict with those generally passed/access via rendering engines.
  • added “Lock Selection” to Graph Editors View menu.
  • ensured 3delight procedural has correct suffix on macOS.
  • Arnold procedural inherits motion_start/end from the currently rendering camera.
  • Clarisse module with check the build version against the current instance of Clarisse and warn the user if it’s different to ensure compatibility.
  • Cache parameters on the Yeti nodes are now attributes vs. UI fields.
  • fixed a bug introduced where the readable method on our Attribute class had a default parameter value which was causing only single sample values to be returned.
  • fixed a race condition in the Trim brush which was causing instabilities.
  • feather barb_end evaluation is clamped to barb_start to avoid NaN’s in evaluation (which was leading to a corrupt viewport).
  • fixed strand interpolation issue which was causing the Comb node to return incorrect results with really short strands.
  • 3delight procedural correctly checks the return status of RxFindFile.
  • Attribute node now has an Add Reference Position geometry attribute parameter which will bake the current P position into the Pref attribute.
  • fixed Displacement node to avoid double displacement being applied.
  • removed redundant groom attribute parameter in Grow node.
  • updated Motion node to produce more predictable results and set the default Time parameter to $time / 24 for a correct speed.
  • removed Stick to Surface on guides as this was there for historical purposes and not required.
  • removed Grow parameter Length Style as it now internally always uses the Reference Length if available.
  • added strandCount argument to pgYetiCommand to retrieve the number of strands in a groom.
  • VRay plugin will now abort when no license is available.
  • Geometry cache will now update when the timestamp of a file changes.
  • The graph editor can now be zoomed in/out using the mouse scroll wheel and/or track pad.
  • Arnold DSO will now create an error message when a license isn’t available.