The Width node is used to control the width attribute of the fibres, this is then passed to the renderer for the final output width used at rendertime. These are global scale values, so the Width Multiplier parameter should be used to reduce the width accordingly.


Input Description
0 Data Flow Fibres
1 Strands Groom/Guide Curves with a width attribute


Parameter Description
Width Multiplier an overall multiplier for the width.
Width Random a means of randomizing the effect.
Base/Tip Width the width to be used at the base/tip of the fibre.
Base/Tip Parameter defines where along the fibre the base and tip will be.
Minimum Width in many cases you don’t want the fibres width to reach 0 ( or a very small number ) so this parameter lets you control a minimum width, if the resulting widths are below this they will be clamped accordingly.