The Scraggle node is used to add scraggle, or controlled noise, to the length of a fibre. This is extremely useful to break up fur silhouettes and make the groom look more organic. When Maintain Length is on Yeti will adjust the output fibres to make sure the length remains the same once deformed, otherwise it is likely that the length of the fibres may increase slightly ( in some cases this may be the desired look ).


Input Description
0 Data Flow Fibres


Parameter Description
Scraggle The amount of scraggle.
Root/Tip Scraggle Modulate the effect along the length of the fibre.
Scraggle Multiplier Can be used to multiply the overall scraggle value.
Scraggle Random Used to randomize the amount of scraggle on a per fibre basis.
Scraggle Frequency can be used to control the size of the scraggle effect ( similar to a phase for noise ).
Scraggle Shift shifts the scraggle effect along the fibre ( similar to an offset for noise ).
Maintain Length by default Yeti will try and maintain the fibres length, in some cases this could affect the silhouette of a character - toggling this off will apply the scraggle while still retaining the length from root to tip.
Percentage 1 = %100 and 0 = %0, control the number of overall fibres the effect is applied to.


Maya File: examples/

Maya File: examples/