Curl is used to create curls or ringlets from the input fibres, the reference frame of this surface can be altered by specifying a new Up Vector value.


Input Description
0 Data Flow Fibres


Parameter Description
Curl The amount of curl.
Curl Random Used to randomize the amount of curl on a per fibre basis.
Phase Random Randomize the phase of the curl.
Root Curl The amount of curl at the root of the fibre.
Tip Curl The amount of curl at the tip of the fibre.
Length Controls the length of the actual curl, this can also be thought of as the phase of the curl.
Length Random Randomize the length of the curl.
U and V Scale The scale of the curl perpendicular to the fibre, providing a means to flatten out the curl in either axis.
Maintain Length If on the curl will resample the fibre to ensure it’s the same length after evaluation, this will definitely shorten the appearance vs. having this off.