Convert is used to convert input grooms and guide curves ( strands ) to fibres and back. This is useful for using procedural node to affect the look of a groom or make it possible to groom one set of Fibres with another. If converting from Strands to Fibres it’s recommended to provide the Second input which is the Mesh that the Groom/Guides were originally created on.


Input Description
0 Data Flow or Strands Fibres or Groom/Guides
1 Data Flow Mesh


Parameter Description
Conversion Type Used to select if you want Yeti to convert Fibres to Strands, Strands to Fibres, Feathers to Fibres or Braids to Fibres.
Radius of Influence When converting from Fibres to Strands and the Fibres weren’t originally Strands ( ie. previously converted ) then this is used to specify the radius of influence for the Strands
Braid Density This provides a means of modulating the evaluated braid density when converting braids to fibres.


Maya File: examples/