Environment Variables

Below is a list of all the environment variables that can be used to control Yeti’s behaviour.

General Variables

YETI_HOME - the root directory of the Yeti installation

YETI_DOCS - used to specify the location of the Yeti documentation, if not available on-line docs will be used.

YETI_TMP - let’s you specify where Yeti will store intermediate files. When Yeti renders it will cache out a temporary file that the rendering DSO will use to generate data - generally you will want these to go into a directory that will be purged often, by default this is a yeti/tmp directory within your projects root directory.

PEREGRINE_LOG_FILE - can be used to specify a log file to store Yeti’s console output, this is a full absolute path.

YETI_GEOCACHE_SIZE - used to specify the maximum amount of memory Yeti should use when caching geometry within Maya in MB (ie. 512 is 512mb)

peregrinel_LICENSE - used to specify the machine to be used as a license server, port@servername - ie. 5053@licenseserver