Frequently Asked Questions


When will X be available in Yeti?

We think X is a fantastic idea, in fact all ideas A-Z are fantastic - but sometimes Y or even G will be higher priority for us, and X won’t be available for some time.

Our team is focused on making the product the best it can be - development takes time, effort and resourcs which can be limited and leads to certain requests (like X) missing in the next release, or potentially not there at all.

There is always a concise release schedule planned out months if not years in advance. If we receive a suggestion that we love and fits within the development tasks in the schedule we try our best to make sure it’s included in the next major or minor release, otherwise it’s added to a feature request pile which we’re continually evaluating along with our vision for the prodcut.

With that said, if the feature is on the schedule we won’t be able to promise it’s availablility until it’s been implemented - schedules change, and we don’t want to set false expectations.

Please keep those requests coming, we love to hear them.


We are still using Yeti 2.x in production and need more licenses, are we able to purchase those?

Any new license purchased will be for Yeti 3.0, but these are backwards compatible with previous versions including 2.x.

So if you purchase a 3.0 license you can use it in your 2.x based prodcution.

I have a Yeti 2.0 license and would like to upgrade to 3.0, how do I do that?

Yeti 3.0 is a major release which means a new license will needed and can be purchased via our online store - Studio (1x interactive and 5x render licenses) upgrades are USD$299 and Studio Render (5x render licenses) upgrades are USD$169.

Do you offer and educational discount?

Yes, we offer a %65 discount on all Yeti Studio and Yeti Studio Render licenses for qualifying educational institutes, please reach out to our sales team for more information.

Can I receive an educational discount as an independent student?

We don’t offer discounts for individual students, though we’ve recently made a Yeti Indie license available at a reduced cost which we feel is affordable to most.


What is the difference between a Studio and Indie license?

A Studio license is the same as the Yeti 2.0 licenses we offered, they are floating with 1x interactive and 5x render licenses and come with full support.

An Indie license is node locked to a single machine with 1x interactive and 1x render licenses, has limited support as well as restrictions on commercial use as outlined below.

Indie License Commercial Use

Commercial usage of Yeti Indie is limited to the following:

  • The annual gross revenue of a licensee, whether commercial or contracting, does not exceed $100,000 USD (or local equivalent).

  • Licensee will be limited to a maximum of 2 Yeti Indie licenses in total.

  • The licensee must be working independently and shall not use a Yeti Indie license in a pipeline with other Yeti Indie or Yeti Studio licenses, whether those licenses are held by the purchasing entity, other individuals, businesses or organizations.

  • Yeti Indie licenses may be transferred between the purchasing entities own machines once per year without incurring a cost.

  • More than one license transfer per year may incur a cost equal to half a new Indie license, left to Peregrine Labs sole discretion on application.

Can content created with an Indie license be shared with others?

Yes. Indie licenses use the exact same distribution as the Studio licenses, any scenes created and edited with an Indie license can be shared for use by a Studio license and vice versa as long as the commercial use restrictions are being met.

Can you please explain Limited Support for the Indie licenses?

Our expectation is that reaching out the Yeti Central community should provide an Indie license holder with the support needed on a daily basis. We are happy to help with basic needs (we want to make sure you can install and run Yeti) and receive bug reports (especially those that cause Yeti to crash) via our support team but it may take a little more time for us to respond.

Can I use my Indie license on both my workstation and laptop?

The Indie license is node locked to a single machine and isn’t able to migrate between machines, so if you’ve purchased a license for your workstation you won’t be able to use it on a laptop. If you would like the license to float between machines we’d recommend purchasing a Studio license and use the laptop as the license server - this way you can also render on both machines.

Am I able to transfer my Studio license to another machine?

Yes, please fill out the Peregrine License Transfer Form and send it to our licensing team and we will send an updated license as soon as possible.

Am I able to transfer my Indie license to another machine?

There are a few more restrictions on the Indie license when it comes to transferring. As it’s node locked we are happy to transfer the license in the instance where the initial license was incorrectly issued, or if an old workstation has died and you need to upgrade but in general the rule is one license transfer per year.

If, for some reason, it ends up you need to transfer a license more than once we will have to charge a fee equal to half a new Indie license.

With that said, we’re extremely reasonable and happy to discuss if/when the time comes.

In any instance, as with Studio licenses you will need to complete the Peregrine License Transfer Form and send it to our licensing team and we will be in touch to discuss the situation.

How are licenses consumed, per host or per job?

All of our licenses are per host, so you can have multiple jobs running on the same host and it will only consume a single license. When querying the license server it may report multiple handles (for each job) but these all point to a single license entitlement.


Why is there no automated installer?

Although we understand that an automated installer would be convenient for some users, due to Yeti’s nature and how it integrates into various applications we feel that this would make more of a mess than be helpful.

If you’re having trouble installing Yeti please contact and we’d be happy to help.

How do I set environment variables?

If you are unfamiliar with the process of setting environment variables for your specific platform here please refer to the Setting Global environment variables section of the documentation - if using Linux you should add these to your .tcshrc, .cshrc or .bashrc files depending on what Shell you’re using.