Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer and educational discount?

Yes, we offer a %65 dicsount on all Bokeh site licenses for qualifying educational institutes, please reach out to our sales team for more information.

Can I receive an educational discount as an independent student?

We don’t offer discounts for individual students for Bokeh, a single license is USD$199 which we feel is already affordable.


Am I able to transfer my Bokeh license to another machine?

Yes, please fill out the Peregrine License Transfer Form and send it to our licensing team and we will send an updated license as soon as possible.

How are licenses consumed, per host or per job?

All of our licenses are per host, so you can have multiple jobs running on the same host and it will only consume a single license. When querying the license server it may report multiple handles (for each job) but these all point to a single license entitlement.


Why is there no automated installer?

Although we understand that an automated installer would be convenient for some users, due to Bokeh’s nature and how it integrates into Nuke we feel that this would make more of a mess than be helpful.

If you’re having trouble installing Bokeh please contact and we’d be happy to help.